As for my reading impressions, I can say that I really liked the Hunger Games book. I read it with great pleasure.

My feelings.

The plot of the book may seem banal to many. After all, almost every description of the work speaks of a love triangle. However, as such, in the first book of the trilogy, it is not about it at all. If you don’t delve into the book, it may seem like a melodrama, but this is not so.

I really liked that S. Collins wrote the book in an understandable language. This, in my opinion, made the product easier and more understandable to everyone. I really liked how the story describes the experiences, emotions, and feelings of a teenage girl. Events in the book develop without misunderstandings. Each action is described brightly. It is clear who did what and where it happened. The work touched upon many problems that exist not only in science fiction books but also in real life.

It was a pleasure to read the book as if you immerse yourself in the thick of hungry games. I empathize, hate, and suffer with the main characters. You read and think about how the main character will get out of this or that situation. It interests and keeps in suspense until you read the book completely. In general, the plot of the book is intriguing to the very end.

The only thing that I didn’t really like was that the images of the main and secondary heroes are too blurred in the book. They are just hard to imagine. Therefore, watching the film helped me a lot in this regard because I could imagine the main characters, how they look, how they move, and so on.

Of course, as in any book, The Hunger Games should carry some meaning. The first thing that immediately catches your eye is the life of people. Everything except work was prohibited. Life is in fear, in despair, in torment. The cruel totalitarian regime doesn’t allow to make an extra step. Any opposition to the authorities is punishable by completely inhuman methods. Of course, such a life causes a storm of indignation. The book simply screams: it’s impossible to live like this, it’s just so impossible. It teaches us an easy thing: you shouldn’t decide for others their fate even if you have power. It reminds the ancient world where there were slaves and the elite. In my opinion, experiencing another test, the main characters lost some part of themselves, becoming too mature.

The book very vividly shows the values of various segments of the population. The main characters challenge not only to fate but also to representatives of the authorities. But at the same time, it is a forced measure. I really liked this idea of a writer. It seems everything happens spontaneously, but it turns out to be another game.Language.
I would like to note how the book The Hunger Games was written. The language is easy, understandable and accessible. The sentences and phrases are quite simple. Therefore, it is a pleasure to read such a work. In general, I really liked the book The Hunger Games. Therefore, I advise fans of this genre to read the entire trilogy.